About EXPO 2010



Universal Exposition EXPO 2010 SHANGHAI CHINA will take place from May, 1 to October, 31, 2010 in Shanghai. The motto of the exhibition: "Better City - Better Life". Theme specialization of the exhibition focuses on the pressing problems of society in XXI century, associated with an optimal balance between industrial production growth and environmental protection. City dwellers strove for a better life over history. Expo 2010 will create a project of the future cities and models of harmonious urban life, giving visitors an outstanding educational and entertainment platform. The exhibition will allow to convey the issues popularly and to work out ways of solving them jointly by force of experience generalization and developments of various countries by means of modeling of cities of the future.


EXPO 2010 in Shanghai, designed by the organizers as the greatest show in the history of the world EXPO. Territory of Expo occupies 5.28 sq. km. It will be attended by more than 200 official participants (countries and international organizations), including Russia. It is expected that during the peak days stream of visitors to Expo can reach 1 million people a day, but during the entire period the exhibition will be attended by nearly 70 million people from around the world.